Gymnastics Classes to suit every level



Age 5 Years plus

A 55 minute class providing an introduction to Artistic Gymnastics in a fun, varied and progressive environment.  Sessions  include  Gymnastics Shapes, Fundamental Movements, Co-ordination, Body Control, Apparatus Skills, Circuits and Games.

Class Times:  

Monday 5pm. Tuesday  5pm.  Thursday 5pm.  Saturday 10am.



A  2  hour  class  where  more  complex skills are taught on the floor area and apparatus, including  tumbling skills, strength and flexibility.  

Class Times:  

Tuesday  6pm.  Wednesday 6pm.  Wednesday 7pm. Saturday 11am



A 2 hour class for Gymnasts who have progressed from our Intermediate classes.  These classes focus on perfecting technique and develops more advanced skills on all apparatus and includes a compulsory strength and conditioning program.

Class Times:

Thursday  5pm

Thursday 6pm



By invitation only, or for visiting Gymnasts at Competitive Level. 

Class Times:  

Tuesday 6pm.

 Thursday  6pm. 

Private Lessons


In your private coaching sessions,  you will work one to one with a Coach who will provide you in-depth skill breakdown, video and photography feedback and a conditioning/exercise program to assist you in attaining your goals.   Suitable for all levels, private lessons are available for members, non members, visitors, children, teens and adults. Small group sessions are also available. 

Class Times: 

Daytime,  Evening  &  Weekend  sessions  available.    

Contact  us  to  book.

Personal Training


Your next level Hybrid Personal Training Program for Adults, Couples and Children. 

Join us in our Private Studio for bespoke training sessions to meet your specific needs. 

Our trainers have over 20 years experience working with Professionals, Athletes, Couples & Children, 

We offer:  Mobility, 4x4 Movement, Floga

K-Box & Burn, Body Weight, My Model HiiTs, Hybrid Gymnastics, Straight Strength, Golf Specific, Padel Specific, Biomechanics, Flexibility, Speed, Agility, Quickness and more..

Class Times: 

Daytime, Evening & Weekend sessions available. 

Contact us to book.