Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum age?  

Yes. The minimum age is 5 years old.

What is the maximum age?  

We believe Gymnastics should be available to everyone regardless or age, experience or fitness level.  Our children's classes are for ages 5 years to 18 years and our adult classes are for ages 18 years and over.

Do I need any experience?  

No! Our classes cater for all levels and experience. 

Do I need to Pre-book?  

Yes.  All classes and Trial Sessions must be booked in advance.  

What is the payment structure?

All classes are paid by Term,  in advance. 

We are a Non Profit Charity and rely on the prompt payment of fees from our members. 

We cannot refund missed classes.  However, whenever possible, we will offer an alternative session.

Do you have a waiting list?  

Yes.  If a class you wish to attend is currently full we will add you to our waiting list and contact you as soon as a space is available. 

What does the TRIAL SESSION include? 

A 1  hour trial session will allow your child to take part in a class which will include Warm-up, Apparatus work and Cool Down.  During this session, our Coaches will work closely with your child and will advise the most suitable class for them at the end of the trial session.

Can I watch the Gymnastics sessions? 

Yes!  We operate an "Open Door Policy" to family and friends.  You are welcome to watch all or part of a session.  Please make yourself known upon arrival and our Coaches will direct you to the viewing area.

Will my child be in the same group as their friends? 

For the first few sessions, we will, whenever possible, place your child with their friends. Groups are carefully planned, taking into account age, level and skills being worked on.  Your child will be placed in the most suitable group to ensure maximum potential is reached in each session.

How many Gymnasts are in each group? 

Following the British Gymnastics guidelines, we operate at a maximum of 8 to 10 children per Coach.  

Do I have to complete any paperwork?  

Yes.  A "NEW MEMBERS PROFILE" form will be provided at the first session.  It is essential that this form is completed and returned to the Head Coach BEFORE your child takes part in the class.  All information will remain strictly private and confidential and will not be disclosed, under any circumstances, without prior permission.

What should I wear?  

For the first few sessions, Gymnasts may wear Shorts or Leggings with a tight fitting T-Shirt or Vest Top. Thereafter, children must wear proper Gymnastics attire. (available to purchase at the Club).  
For Girls - Leotard and Shorts.  
For Boys - Leotard or Vest Top with Shorts.  
Adult Gymnasts - Suitable Gym Attire.  For Women, Leggings with Tight Fitting T-Shirt or Vest Top, For Men - Shorts and Tight Fitting T-Shirt or Vest Top.
Hair must be away from face and eyes and tied back if necessary.
No jewelry may be worn during any class.   Newly pierced ears and Religious jewelry must be covered with a suitable protector.
No socks or shoes during class.
No Zips, Belts, Buckles, Tassles, Toggles, Hoods, Buttons or Poppers.  

Can I photograph or video my child during class?

No.  Due to Child Protection and British Gymnastics Policies, Photography and Filming is strictly prohibited.  Any persons photographing or filming during class will be asked to delete the contents from their device in front of the Head Coach and may be asked to leave the premises. 

I am in the area on holiday.  Can  I participate in your classes?   

Yes!  We welcome many visitors to our Club!  Please contact us before your arrival and we will advise the best times and days to come along.